Creating intuitive Mobile-First applications with brilliant user experiences to position your product as a prominent leader in the market.

"LBG Media communicated the product development strategy up front, as well as the associated benchmarks for our team so that we could discover our truest objectives, followed by implementing the design and the development process."

WHO WE ARE | The LBG Media Story

LBG Media was birthed in 2007 with a strong user focus and goal in mind. The goal for each client was to build a custom, one-of-a-kind design and web development to a new or revamped website to increase the amount of daily to monthly viewers by increasing the SEO of their site. Not only did clients desire a physical presence, but a digital presence and imprint meant visibility throughout the world. More visibility meant, more access.This transition came after years spent in Journalism and Communications writing for Bloomberg Magazine MBA’s program, as well as time spent with Interscope Records. LBG Media’s owner, Brittany Glover, knew the language, the destination an hdow to build it.

Years to come, Brittany would work with entertainment artist, existing and new small-medium business owners. Between print design and digital design and development, Brittany would build brands alongside her clients. We believe in a quality end result in responsive web applications and mobile applications. This specific type of user experience, user interface, development work and marketing communication emerged early stages of Product Management within Product Development (the two are married). It was in these days, that LBG Media had to learn to be lean.

Owner and CEO — Brittany Glover, SAFe 4.5 Agilist, CSM, CPO is a transformative and data-driven Product Management executive, UI/UX Engineer and educator with 15+ years of industry experience. Brittany has spent intensive time working with big tech companies such as SugarCRM, IBM, CA Technologies, Credit Karma/Intuit based in San Francisco, CA. Additionally, Brittany worked with global startups, accelerator and innovation initiatives specializing in SaaS, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), eCommerce and risk management verticals. Not only would Brittany and team validate the user experience, build the development roadmaps, Brittany and team would also design a prototype and code the application.

Today, LBG Media operates as a lean, mobile-first consulting agency working with start-ups to midsize companies, creating intuitive mobile applications with brilliant user experiences that position products and clients for market leadership. We are leaders in product strategy, management and innovation, delivering high-quality, customer approved SaaS and mobile applications. We craft prototypes for accelerator initiatives and innovative startups producing iOS, Android and responsive web applications. We crush organizational KPIS and OKRS within the SDLC, product management and strategy development space.

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