Creating intuitive Mobile-First applications with brilliant user experiences to position your product as a prominent leader in the market.

"LBG Media communicated the product development strategy up front, as well as the associated benchmarks for our team so that we could discover our truest objectives, followed by implementing the design and the development process."

WHO WE ARE | The LBG Media Story

We’re like the crew that helps teams get out of their own head. LBG Media helps you unpack complex user pain points through design thinking, customer journey mapping in an agile framework. We transform visions and complex user pain points into innovative, market-ready digital products and platforms.

We operate as a lean, mobile-first consulting agency working with start-ups to midsize companies, creating intuitive mobile applications with brilliant user experiences that position products and clients for market leadership. We are leaders in product strategy, management, and innovation, delivering high-quality, customer-approved SaaS and mobile applications. We craft prototypes for accelerator initiatives and innovative startups producing iOS, Android, and responsive web applications. We crush organizational KPIs and OKRs within the SDLC, product management, and strategy development space.

LBG Media helps execute the product vision of accelerated startups. We take a mobile-first, personable approach to understand the authentic pain points that we are taking on. Our approach keeps the user first within the Software Development Life Cycle. We collaborate to deliver disruptive technology while embedding innovation in each version.

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