We push our users to first be an advocate of their users' pain point. Be the subject matter. Then look at valuable ways and angles to provide users with unique solutions.

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We take a personable approach to understanding authentic pain points when building software applications, keeping the customer or user first within the Software Development Life Cycle. LBG Media provides a wide range of support within the product management and software product development lifecycle. We deliver disruptive technology while embedding innovation in each version.

How to know if we’re right for you

  • You’re curious to know your customer and targeted users more
  • You need to establish strategic alignment amongst your product vision and product  development
  • You need to speak with customers and users to validate product market fit
  • You need assistance with your competitor analysis to confirm and validate product market fit
  • You need to pivot from your original product vision and need assistance with seen and unseen technical uncertainties 
  • You need help building your lean startup’s tech stack and building a team
  • You need wireframes, prototypes or develop to begin building your software application
  • You need feedback from your MVP software web or mobile application
  • You want to continue testing and validate your product vision and offerings
  • You need help vetting and curating your product roadmap and new development features
  • You need help with product strategy and tactics to hand off or collaborate with for product delivery
  • You need help writing product requirements, epics, user stories and estimating to fuel your development sprint and backlogs
  • You need developers to build your lean software or mobile application (for startups and lean development accelerator projects)

Product Workshops and Training


We're here to help clients inuitively align their roadmap with their product offering and targeted audience within new software development and lifecycle support (SDLC).

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Achieve impact, consensus and transformation by building validated user experiences through the SDLC of new and existing products.

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Holistic approaches that include intensive sessions on ethics, unconscious bias, micro-aggressions, active listening and more.

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