Creating intuitive Mobile-First applications with brilliant user experiences to position your product as a prominent leader in the market.

Product Management

Big product goals, intertwined by validated user experiences and efficient yet effective code. Our process is lean and agile; we produce hybrid methods and a level of product development and management expertise that is unmatched.

LBG Media helps startups accelerate product positioning, roadmap, and launch. We start with discovery, building OKRs and KPIs and lean into iterative product development goals that match the product vision and business objective.

We lead product management based on validated user experiences — not just what key stakeholders think they want. We use design thinking, customer journey mapping, and specific engagement brainstorming sessions to define and refine our vision at each step. We analyze the tactical deliverables, the code, and the strategic vision for you. And then we flip that pyramid a few times to find our loopholes. Can someone say retro?

We thoroughly enjoy working with startup founders and teams to curate innovative consumer technology products. We extend our offerings to accelerators with lean business models and teams.


  • Generation and Prioritization roadmaps
  • Short-term tactical strategy
  • Optimize user journeys to minimize friction
  • Discover engagement patterns
  • Establish/Improve KPIs
  • Iterate development and management key features and updates
  • Long Term Product Growth strategy
  • Product adoption
  • Identify and prioritize points of friction
  • Increase User Engagement
  • Empower product and development teams with the data and support needed for growth
  • Understand outcome metric and develop OKRs and KPIs
  • Release Management
  • Go-To-Market Positioning
  • Marketing
  • Customer Success
  • Buyer/User Research
  • Opportunity Identification
  • CX Management
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Innovation Acceleration
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Research

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LBG Media helps execute the product vision of accelerated startups. We take a mobile-first, personable approach to understand the authentic pain points that we are taking on.

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