How To Move Product

Getting your startup off the ground and in the market as a prominent mobile app leader in your industry.

Pricing Structure

How To Move Product (HTMP) helps startups accelerate product positioning, roadmap, and launch. We start with building key mutual goals, also known as Objective and Key Results (OKRs), and lean into iterative product development goals that match the product vision and Key Performance Indicators. Additionally, we are leaders in Product Development with years of crafting custom software applications and brilliant user experience - so we act like your interim CTO also. A pretty good win, right?

Coaching Plan


3 month engagement

Estimated Commitment Level
Part-time entrepreneur with 8-10 hours a week minimum

Coaching + Consulting


4-6 month engagement

Estimated Commitment Level
New entrepreneur with 10 hours a week minimum

Custom Startup
Coaching + Consulting


6 month engagement

Estimated Commitment Level
Full-time entrepreneur with over 10 hours a week minimum

Accelerator and Startup plans can be processed in two payments
Payment Processed to "Brittany Glover"

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Personal Vision Level Setting
Self-Investment Roadmap
Gut Check: Budgeting for Success
Champion Checklist
Capacity Planning and Accountability
Project Ideation
Design Thinking Brainstorm Sessions
Customer Journey Mapping + Persona Building
Persona Building
Competitor Analysis Support
Product & Project Roadmap

Planned once in engagement

Planned every two months

Planned every month
Operation Strategy Support
Monthly Strategy Sessions
Prototyping Digital Products
MVP Product Life Cycle Support
Covering facilitation of software launch, Product Management and MVP deliverables.
Minimal (MVP) Web Design
Website Development Support
Mobile Development Support
User Experience (UX) Support
User Interface (UI) Support
Analytics and Instrumentation Support
Go-To-Market & Launch Support
Assistance with Pitch Decks and Pitches

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